DIY Natural Cleaning Wipes

Olga Marquez
Olga Marquez
Published on August 26, 2019

I love disinfecting cleaning wipes and use them often around the home. They can be expensive and run out quick. If you are looking for a safer alternative that can go longer on your budget, here is an essential oils cleaning wipes recipe I picked up from one of my mommy friend parties.

This cleaning wipes recipe contains alcohol – Vodka that is! Alcohol is a great fast-drying cleaner and helps prevent mildew growth. Think bathroom! It makes for a great disinfectant and degreaser too.


To Use

Mix ingredients in glass bowl. Place your cleaning wipes or cloth(s) in the bowl. Wipe surfaces in your household as you normally do. When done, machine wash towels as you normally do. (Test a surface area first.)

Other Options

I don’t always have time to go 100% crunchy so I keep these cleaning wipes on hand as an alternate option.

You can replace vodka with rubbing alcohol, and add other essential oils such as orange or lavender.

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